Sample Experience: IT and Enterprise Architecture




European Bank

Assessment of the existing ICT architecture prior to merging with another bank

Better understanding of the existing architecture with improvements

Better ICT integration between the two banks

European Bank

ICT architecture consultancy with a focus on servers consolidation

Servers consolidation reducing the number of vendors and operating systems

Optimization of the competencies

Streamlined servers management

Middle East Bank

Consultancy support for the ICT architecture team to:

-Define and enhance the target ICT architecture process (including governance)

-Coach the architecture team

-Assist in RFP development and proposal evaluation

-Ongoing technological watch and business alignment            

Definition of common standards and procedures for the entire bank

Definition of a common vision between the bank and the ICT department

Streamlined infrastructure enabling business changes

Middle East University

Definition of the entire ICT architecture and the sourcing of the corresponding infrastructure and application elements for the creation of a new fully-fledged state-of-the-art university campus

Analysis of the applications to be delivered

Definition of the required adaptive infrastructure

Prioritization of the projects taking into account the business goals and budgets

Middle East Real Estate Projects

Definition of the ICT architecture and infrastructure strategy for major real-estate projects including hospitality requirements

Analysis of the multiplay services to be delivered to the tenants

Provision of the right adaptive infrastructure in order to enable the delivery and the management of the services

UK Government Department

Server Consolidation architecture

Defined benefits for server consolidation

Defined roadmap for consolidation process

Defined technology standards

Middle East Bank

ICT Architecture Workshops

Awareness and appreciation of the benefits of the architecture process.