Sample Experience: Business Driven IT Investment




Various organizations in the financial services, telecom, petrochem and public sectors

Assess existing approaches to achieving BVIT, optimize processes and governance structures and acquaint executives with the most advanced findings in the field

Substantially improved governance and processes for prioritizing investments and achieving real business value


International mobile operator

Review of existing application development backlog which had reached 440 projects

Using the BVIT toolkit, backlog was reduced to less than 100. Management became acquainted with the relevant BDIT techniques and successfully applied them to ongoing AD requests

US regional bank

Identify potential savings to be achieved in the bank’s hardware and software asset base using the BDIT asset management toolkit

Two-month exercise identified savings of $2.4 million, achieved within six months of project completion

Implementation of BVIT asset management components resulted in ongoing savings for the client


South African mining company

Review perception of poor value from IT investments, prioritize IT investment funding request portfolio and hold awareness workshops with senior management

Major shortcomings identified

Substantial reduction and rationalization of AD request portfolio

Sustained demonstrable improvement in achieving business value from IT investments

Project was so successful that many of the Optimize techniques were extended from IT to the general business

Irish Local Government Authority

Overhaul and rationalize an outdated approach to justifying IT investments

Streamlined and optimized investment processes lead to greater consistency, reduced decision time-frame and a platform for measuring achievement of business value