System Selection

Selecting package application software looks simple but in fact it is a challenging tasks which should, if done properly, look at issues as diverse as the functionality provided to the long term roadmap of the vendor. Package application selection which focuses solely on cost and functionality is inherently flawed for the acquisition of strategic software. A poorly run selection process will expose an organization to the risks of:

  • Selecting a solution which is not the best fit for the organization’s requirements
  • Increasing the total cost of ownership of the package software

Optimize believes that a methodical approach with defined steps and sign-off’s is needed for software package selection. Our methodology for software selection is called the SEM (Software Evaluation Methodology).The approach and methodology is designed to cover situations and organization is procuring: 

  • Software only
  • Implementation services for the software either from the vendor or a 3rd party  
  • System integration services from a 3rd party to provide a tune key solution
  • A combination of the approach



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